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Eugenio Fallone Hijos is an italian-origin company, which started its activities in the city of Milan in the field of plastic injection molding. In 1949, by an Official Settlement Decree issued by the Argentine Government it moved to this country as a plant of National Interest.

In 1962, following the automotive industry growth, the company began to manufacture Oil Pumps for Fiat Argentina, Peugeot Argentina, an Borgward Argentina. Over the coming years, it became one of the leading companies in the Argentine market, an the only one in South America featuring a fully-integrated plant. Processes for the production of the product, such as injection molding, sintering and machining of parts and components, helped in this way to strengthen its quality assurance.

Backed by the thorough Quality Control undergone by the differentmanufacturing stages in accordance with technical specifications, and ISO 9001/2015 Standards, as well as by the know how achieved, our company has reached a quality excellence acknowledged not only by our market but also worldwide.

Our appreciation to all our customers for their support, and confidence.

Our People
One of the main reasons for the success of the company is our Human Resources, their dedication and professionalism assure the high quality of our products, also strengthened by the automation of the most difficult activities of the production process. All these features position our company as a highly competitive one, even in an increasingly global economy.

Injection Molding
The Injection Molding Sector provides all aluminum pieces required by the different Oil Pumps produced by us. These pieces are manufactured from an aluminum alloy, melted in crucibles (at temperatures over 600°), and processed through hydraulic injection molding characterized by a compression capacity ranging from 100 to 400 tons, controlled by electronic means. For better finishing purposes, all pieces are subject to deburring and shot blasting processes resulting in soft edges and uniform shapes. Above parts are then and finally inspected one by one by a very exhaustive Quality Control.

All internal components such as gears, rotors, stators, pistons, bushings and buckets, among others, are manufactured in this sector. The process begins with the raw material which is steel atomized with a copper and graphite alloy, compacted at high pressures and passed through a die, in automatic presses having a continuous-cycle providing each piece with different shapes. They are then transported by conveyor belts through the continuous-cycle furnaces, where the atmosphere is controlled at over 1200°, and where the sintering process takes place, i.e., the union of minerals. This activity provides for the necessary hardness, mechanical properties, and a good surface finishing. Pieces then undergo processes such as grinding and turning, assuring in this way compliance with the dimension standards required.

Machining and Assembly
In these facilities, all pieces coming from the different above-mentioned sectors are brought together, and through different last-generation Centers of Numerical Control, having three and four axes with rotating tables adapted to the different kinds of Pumps, the automatic machining of injection molded parts and pieces is completed. After a cleaning process, pieces are assembled on specific receiving devices where Oil Pumps at a last stage are subject to a dynamic hydraulic testing, automatically driven, by using the electronic testing benches, having exactly the same features as engines.

Our company is absolutely committed to Quality, fact which can be seen in the constant improvements in search of Excellence. For this purpose, the entire production process relies on controls (automatic controls) in each sector, in addition to the inspectors which are part of the operating inspection. Finally there is a Metrology sector having last-generation equipment for allowing an optimal metering as well as testing of pieces to be in accordance with drawings. Our Total Quality process results from continuously working on efficient processes, customer satisfaction, and compliance with all standards and rules in force. Our Quality Management System is in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9001/2015 and certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) with recognition of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).